Taking A Chance (Digital)

The "Taking" Series Book Two
Published by Earth Goddess Publishing, Earth Goddess Publishing
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This was a great 2nd part to this series! I love the deeper look into the polyamory lifestyle. While Taking a Lover focused on the internal dynamic of beginning a polyamorous relationship, Taking a Chance brought to light all the external conflicts. This is something I feel like menage reads skim over and Reverse Harems don’t talk about. I love that Maya is a career minded woman and had to navigate her poly lifestyle with coworker and lover, Logan.

One thing I wasn’t prepared for was Jenny….which is stupid because I should’ve known that a “Jenny” would be a possibility in a poly book. What impressed me, though, was that once we meet her, I was totally fine! The author did a great job introducing that part of poly even to a jealous reader. I also thought it was important because we got to see a more intense look at what Eric probably felt in the first book. This book had a good amount of steam too!

I would recommend this novella for anyone who is interested in the poly lifestyle and wants a quick read low on angst, medium on steam, and high on love.

Greer Rivers ~ Author of "Escaping Conviction"

Most MMF stories are smut. Clarity wrote a story that feels more true to life and actual love. The sex was steamy but not smutty. I will read every book that Clarity writes many times.

A. Davis ~ Amazon Reviewer

Digital | 97 pages | $1.99 USD | June 18, 2020