Swipe Right for Medusa

Myths in the Modern World Series
Published by Earth Goddess Publishing, Earth Goddess Publishing
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Finding love isn’t always easy. But, what if every man you looked at turned to stone?


For ages, Medusa has been cursed with a gaze that turns mortal men into living statues by no fault of her own. As the victim of sexual assault, committed at the hands of Poseidon, led her to be punished by her goddess Athena, and shunned amongst immortal men. Medusa has long been resigned to a life bereft of romantic love.

That is, until her nereid best friend introduces her to a new dating app that connects “eager to find love” mortals, with magical beings, and convinces her to give it a shot. The lack of direct eye contact has always been a deal breaker for most men, but just maybe, Medusa can find the one who will give her the “happily ever after” she deserves, after years of loneliness and shame.

Will someone love Medusa for who she is, or will she be doomed to spend eternity forever alone, and paying for a crime which wasn’t hers to own?


While some characters and details of this story have been lovingly borrowed from Greek Mythology, certain aspects have been changed to fit the contemporary setting of this tale. I hope you enjoy the twists, and original content, that have been added to the classic characters and stories you know and love.

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