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Faded Dreams (Coming 09/10/2020)

Gaia spends her nights lost in ecstasy in a world she doesn't believe exists with her gorgeous vampire master, Sebastian. But reality comes crashing down around her when Sebastian reveals the truth; their months together have been anything but faded dreams.


Faced with the revelation of a lifetime, Gaia wonders if she can trust in Sebastian’s declaration of love, and the love she feels in her traitorous heart. Meanwhile, with the growing need to keep Gaia safe from the horrors threatening his kind, Sebastian attempts to deny his heart's desires before it's too late.


Yet a force beyond their control binds them, and Sebastian’s denial has far-reaching consequences.


When fantasy and reality blur, will Sebastian and Gaia escape with their sanity and lives intact?


Pick up your copy of Faded Dreams today, and get lost in the heat and danger lurking inside.

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Taking A Chance

Taking a chance on love is hard enough, even when it doesn't involve hiding your every move from the public eye. But that's just what Logan and Maya must do. 


In a world that frowns upon polyamory, Eric, Maya, and Logan must walk a thin line. To reveal the intimate details of their relationship to the wrong people, could ruin the careers they've worked so hard for. 


But as their love grows, and the desire to progress into more permanent territory abounds, will they be able to stay true to their hearts while also avoiding the potential ruin their relationship can elicit?


Read and discover what happens when Maya, Eric, and Logan decide to take a chance on their taboo romance.

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Taking A Lover

Maya's world is turned upside down when the tall, dark, and handsome London transplant, Logan, steps onto her advertising team. Their attraction is instantaneous and impossible to deny. The problem is, Maya's already happily married.

Yet Logan becomes the potential answer to spicing up her ten-year marriage to college professor husband, Eric. The dominant and polyamorous Logan tries to convince Maya to ask Eric for permission to take him on as a second lover.

But Maya is hesitant to confront Eric, and cheating is out of the question. For although their sex-life leaves much to be desired, her love for Eric is strong and true. So how then, has she found herself falling in love with Logan?

Should Maya allow Logan to convince her to go poly? Is he worth the risk of ruining her marriage and losing Eric forever?

Read today and discover what happens when Maya brings Logan's proposal to Eric, in the first short installment in “The Taking” series. 

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