Mar 13, 2020 by Clarity Townsend, in General

Welcome to my website! Here you'll find information on all my series and standalone projects as they are released. Books marked coming soon, will be released within the year if they are unmarked with a specific date.


My series are paranormal and contemporary-based and usually contain some polyamory. They may also contain LGBTQ and BDSM themes and relationships. My goal is to be respectful to every group I feature in my stories and portray them in the accurate spotlight based on factual information.


I've become quite an advocate for more realistic portrayals of healthy poly relationships in literature and the media. I believe it's important to the poly community not to be demonized in media, and for polyamory not to be seen as a mockery or something that ends relationships instead of strengthens them. Polyamory done right, can save relationships instead of destroying them. That's why I make it a point to showcase those relationships in my literature. 


My heroines are diverse as well as my casts. I mainly write Latina and African American MCs, sometimes mixed race. But I try to give everyone a shot to be the big dog in my novels at some point. There are many mixed-race romances featured in my writing. You will always find color and culture in my books. I am a firm believer that all groups need to see themselves represented positively in the media and literature. And as a mixed-race writer, I feel an obligation to do that.


What else can you find here besides my books and blogs?


You'll soon find book swag available for purchase directly through this site, as well as signed copies of paperbacks and hardcover books. If you check back from time to time, I might even be running a contest and special offers!


So, don't forget to peek in now and again to see what's new!


Much love,