"Our Love" Text Chat Stories #2: The Day After Dinner

I'm back with "Our Love" Text Chat Stories, Episode Two!
If are enjoying these chat stories, and haven't started reading Our Love, hop on over to one of the platforms linked below, and start reading today!

Here is the Our Love's Blurb for those unfamiliar:

Mercy, a twenty-year-old world famous musician turned actress, struggles to come to terms with the inevitable loss of her terminally ill mother. When the older Hollywood star, Aleksander, steals Mercy's heart, their differences lead to an unforgettable emotional roller coaster ride. But when Aleks & Mercy find living without one another to be impossible, can they compromise and grow to make their love work? (FYI: Our Love Book One is b/g, but grows into a polyamory romance in book two & beyond.)

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